Brief notes from the 2018 Annual General Meeting of your residents’ Association

The 5 June meeting was lively, with over 30+ attendees including our two new Councillors Mariam Lolavar & Leo Fletcher who have recently been elected to join Geoff Brighty as Blackheath-Westcombe Royal Greenwich Council ward representatives. There were a wide range of neighbours present; from those who’ve been members for many decades to families who’ve only just moved to Langton Way.

Discussion ranged over social events, planning, potholes, crime & CCTV, Stratheden Road junction & traffic safety, improving communications via emails, newsletter, website (especially the trades list), the Facebook group, and that a healthy Bank balance of almost £2k can cover repairs to the collapsed west gate.

Fuller minutes will appear on the website soon, with ideas for follow up action. Meanwhile contact details for our Councillors, as promised, are



Notes from 2017 AGM

This years AGM was held in St John’s Church and chaired by Steven Randall.

There were approx 15–20 attendees with 6 apologies.

Treasurers report was circulated and Ali Nonruddin reported a positive balance of £TBC with TBC paying subscribers (slightly up on last year).

Social report from Liz Lolavar highligted two main annual events – the summer BBQ and Christmas Carol singing. This year’s BBQ date was confirmed as Sunday 3 September. Other ideas for social events were welcomed including the annual Chriastmas carol and mince pie event to coincide with donkey parade, a Greenwich theatre trip and a picnic/rounders match. Please email in any other ideas you may have.

Planning report from Jane Carpenter gave a summary of the main outcomes this year:
8 LW approved, 97LW basement withdrawn, 65 SHR side extension and balcony approved, 57 LW approved, 37 LW approved, 174LW refused, 88 SJ park not objected to, 142 LW approved, 17 SHR being considered at planning meeting  tonight, Vicarage Ave cycle way decision awaited, new signs over A2 mentioned. Most of these have been highlighted on the website. Jane also mentioned 2 sad deaths – Peter Gibbs and Nigel Ballentyne – both of whom have contributed greatly to LWA in past; Peter as past Chair and Nigel who used to edit newsletter.

Communications report from Steven Randall. The website was discussed. There was general approval of the traders list and new additions are welcomed so please email in any you think would be useful to LW residents. The offer to distribute LWA communications from 170 LW (who deliver Westcombe News) was gratefully noted. Alex’s regular email was thought to be helpful and most agreed the printed newsletter should also continue.

Neighbourhood watch – Steven read out Alex’s report. There was discussion regarding the proposed new barrier/gates on Langton Way and how they will work and there was general approval of concept. There was discussion of potholes – 106 are refurbishing thier property and they are getting quotes per sq m and will email Alex cost should anyone want to also have their pot holes sorted at the same time. There was a suggestion for Alex to inform householders of their responsibilities regarding potholes.

Election of next year’s committee – all current members agreed to continue in their roles. There was no opposition from those present. Anyone who wants to join the committee invited to email Alex.

AOB – annual clearing of Angerstein Lane, date proposed Sun July 2nd.